editorial policy

Focus and Scope

Global Journal on Social Sciences Advances (GJSSA) is an initiative of the Social Sciences Promotion Center (SSPCenter).

As an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal and part of the SSPCenter, the GJSSA intends to be a space for dissemination of new knowledge and promote reflection on the social sciences, taking into account the interrelations between different disciplines and pathways of social science, not forgetting, however, the specificities and peculiarities of each discipline in order to allow more holistic and comprehensive approach to contemporary society.

The GJSSA welcomes contributions from all fields within Social Sciences, from practitioners and scholars.

Peer Review Process

The editor-in-chief makes an initial appraisal of each manuscript. If the topic seem potentially appropriate for the journal, the manuscript goes to review with the co-editors overseeing the review process. Once the review process has been completed, the editorial board decides on acceptance, revision, or rejection of your manuscript.

The GJSSA has a “double blind” review process: authors are not told who reviewed their paper and reviewers are not told who wrote the paper. Peer reviewers may be informed of the identity of the authors after the manuscript is either accepted or rejected. After a decision is reached, a reviewer is free to contact the authors privately about the manuscript.

A decision on the manuscript generally may be expected within 1 month of submission; Manuscripts are sent out for review electronically, and all correspondence takes place via e-mail. Although the peer review process is accelerated by the use of electronic communication, traditional high-quality, peer-review standards are applied to all manuscripts submitted to the GJSSA.

Publication Frequency

The GJSSA will publish every four months. Issues will be identified by volume and number. Nevertheless, some special editions may arise from the SSPCenter conferences.

Support our Journal

How can you support the GJSSA?

  • Announce the journal and distribute the URL to your colleagues and students..
  • Get in touch with your institute’s library and ensure that the journal is known to the library’s search engine.
  • Contribute to the journal financially. The journal is for a very large part dependent on the voluntary work of a large number of people. But some jobs simply require funding. If you are willing to contribute financially, please email us to partnerships@sspcenter.com for more details.
  • Become a member of the SSPCenter. Go to http://www.sspcenter.com for more information.